About VOC

Community Choirs


We work with skilled choral animateurs to support existing and establish new Community Choirs. The Choirs will come together once a month in massed Voices of Craven rehearsals and will learn the same repertoire in preparation for joint performance opportunities. The choirs will rehearse this music in their own settings in the periods between the massed rehearsals. In parallel we will develop opportunities for children and young people to rehearse repertoire which they will be able to perform publicly.  



We bring amateurs and professionals together in vocal workshops where visiting artists work with choir members and other interested people who have perhaps been unable to participate regularly and can only access a “one off” event.   A Finale Concert will close the festival season and bring the Voices of Craven Choir together with professional musicians and singers (many of whom live locally but work nationally and internationally) to present a programme of high quality choral music.